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What to expect as a beginning student of Iaido.

In the very beginning, in addition to learning mundane things like how to put on a hakama, and basic dojo etiquette, students of Iaido are taught the fundamentals of how to handle a sword, which includes nukitsuke (drawing the sword out of the scabbard) and how to perform noto (returning the sword to the scabbard). […]

Traditional Ki-Aikido Martial Art Classes Near Harrisonburg

Brian Kelley Sensei offers beginner-advanced Ki-Aikido classes in Elkton, Virginia which is only 20 minutes drive from Harrisonburg (which is certainly close to JMU). Brian Kelley Sensei’s Aikido dojo is part of the Eastern Ki Federation and is a traditional Japanese martial art that focuses on maintaining relaxation and calmness during stressful and violent encounters. […]