Traditional Ki-Aikido Martial Art Classes Near Harrisonburg

Brian Kelley Sensei offers beginner-advanced Ki-Aikido classes in Elkton, Virginia which is only 20 minutes drive from Harrisonburg (which is certainly close to JMU). Brian Kelley Sensei’s Aikido dojo is part of the Eastern Ki Federation and is a traditional Japanese martial art that focuses on maintaining relaxation and calmness during stressful and violent encounters. Some people take Aikido for the exercise, some for self-denfense training, some for it’s spiritual elements… and some just like it because it’s fun! Currently accepting anyone 12 years old and up!

The beginner Aikido classes cover some of these topics/principles:

  • Ki-meditation
  • Ki-breathing
  • Extending ki
  • Ki balance exercises -keeping one point
  • Basic rolls/falls (we don’t want you to hurt yourself)
  • Basic Aikido self-defense techniques for 5th kyu training
  • Oneness rhythm taiso (rhythmic stretches to music)

Visitors are always welcome, or contact us today for more information!